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Whether you opt for a relaxing glass of wine with your meal, or have something to celebrate with us here @ Mejana, our comprehensive range of red and white wines, supplemented by classic rosé and champagne options, provides the perfect accompaniment.


Charpentier Brut Reseve,(pinot Meunier/pinot Noir)€48.00

champagne A/C France Terrific Champagne from little Known but highly regarded producer.

Moet & Chandon€60.00

One of the old classic champagnes

Pinot Meuinier, Pinot Noir€48.00

Terrific champagne from little-known but highly regarded Charpentier Brut Reserve

Chilean Red Wines

Tres Palacious Cabernet Sauvignon€19.00

This is a delicate and mellow wine, showing aromas of red fruits with hints of tobacco.

Chilean White Wines

Tres Palacious Sauvignon Blanc€19.00

This wine is fruit with aromas of tropical fruit. Good acidity due to the maritime influence, and the minerality of the soil gives a good balance to this wine.

French Red Wines

Cotes Du Rhone Thomas Bassot€21.00

This wines display tart red fruits, currant and cherries, and black pepper. On the palate it is ample and fruity with a gentle hint of oak

French White Wines

Cotes Du Rhone Blanc€19.00

This wine is a golden colour with aromas and flavours of banana marshmallows Circus peanuts, melon, citrus and creamsicle oak. Tangy and crisp with good body

Italian Red Wines

Tenuta Giglio - Montepulciano€21.00

This is a young and immediately drinkable wine with delicate aromas of plum and morello cherry. it is robust and full-bodied in the mouth, rich with a dry and flavourful finish

Italian White Wines

Fornas (pinot Grigio)€21.00

Fiuli Italy 2010 This ever-popular wine is full of fresh summery pear and apple flavours

Lebanese Red Wine

Chateau De Kefraya€38.00

Round and fruity, this wine is dark ruby in colour and reveals aromas of mature wood and dark cherries with a little spice.

Clos St Thomas Le Gourmets Rouge€18.00

Deep cherry, distinguished by its character and complexity. Fruity flavours with a hint of liquorice.

Chateau St Thomas€38.00

This a deep red wine with purple sparkles; warm and complex with a touch of soaked fruits. Its bouquet is endeavoured with a remarkable length

Massaya Classic Red€26.00

An easy going wine for all occasions, this wine has a strawberry hue with cherry reflections.

Silver Selection Red€38.00

The aromas of this light and round are spicy and subtle, with a fresh and fruity finish

Musar Jeune Red€21.00

An easy going wine for all occasions. It has a strawberry hue with cherry reflections.

Chateau Musar€38.00

A deep crimson - even blood-red - colour with an intense and complex nose of spicy red fruits cedar with deep plum notes.

Kefraya Les Breteches€21.00

This wine is a blend of 7 grapes.On the nose,it reveals notes of cooked fruit andunderlined by Subtle hints of wood and spice.On the palate, this wine is balanced and structured

Lebanese White Wine

Kafraya La Dame Blanche€18.00

A lovely straw yellow colour with golden slightly orange highlights with a sweet almond aroma with a clear presence. A long after taste with lots of freshness.

Musar Jeune White€21.00

Crisp and aromatic, this un-oaked blend of French and Sicilian varieties has distinctive passion fruit and elderflower characters with a dry finish.

Massaya Classic White€24.00

Wine fun, vinified in vats containing Obeidi (indigenous grape), Sauvignon Blanc and Clairette, typical wine of the range Massaya Classic, the roundness of the fruit, freshness, easy and accessible.

Chardonnay St Thomas€27.00

Characterised by a flowery nose, fruits mingle with honey. Its golden colour is very attractive, and as for the palate, it is endowed with smoothness and richness.

Clos St Thomas Le Gourmets Blanc€18.00

This wine blends aroma of the vines with those of the aging process. Fresh And lively with a golden yellow colour. Fruity yet fresh.

Blanc De Blanc€18.00

A pale yellow colour with typical fruits and floral notes. A lovely harmony Between mellowness and freshness.


Kefraya - La Rose Du Chateau€20.00

A Bright and vivid wine

Clos St Thomas - Gerard Bertrand Pic Saint Loup€19.00

The wine has a strong pink color.It has clear predominantly fruity aroma, with floral and mineral hints. This wine is full of flavour and tender on the palette.


Le Contesse Spumante (persecco)€30.00

Valdobbiadene,Italy Delicious pear and floral infused bubbles.A real crowed pleasure

Carles Andreu Brut Reserva,(macabeu/parellada)€30.00

Conca de Barbera ,Spain A serious Sparker,Rich,Intense and Luxurious.

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